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How many bearings in the industry's cooling fans

:2021-01-12 :195

The bearing of the cooling fan is a cylindrical part that fixes the rotor shaft core in the tube of the outer frame. There are many types of this bearing in the whole cooling fan industry. The more special patented bearings include magnetic suspension bearings, hydraulic bearings, and of course each There are some self-made bearings that are not ideal, so I won’t list them here.

There are three general bearings, double ball bearings, single ball bearings and oil-impregnated bearings. In fact, single ball bearings are now less and less used in factories because this structure is unstable.

Some customers say they want bearings. In fact, most of them are talking about double ball bearings. They refer to oil-impregnated bearings called refueling, and they have all kinds of oil pressure. When customers need samples, Jingyang Technology will ask carefully. 

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