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Important things to pay attention to when handling industrial motherboard cooling fans

:2021-01-12 :211

Industrial motherboard cooling fans are mainly of bracket type, without outer frame protection, the fan blades are designed to rotate counterclockwise, and the vertical type, the wind blows around and also blows down. An important issue to pay attention to is that the single fan cannot be dropped from the ground. As can be seen from the above picture, the leaves are thin and long, and the contact area between the leaves and the drum is small. It is easy to break the fan blades when landing, and the fan blades are broken. The entire cooling fan will lose balance and cause damage

   Therefore, cooling fan manufacturers are targeting samples, because the samples do not have a standard outer box and are usually wrapped in a bubble bag. It is recommended to take out the samples on the table, so that the chance of falling is much less.

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