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How to correctly choose a fan or blower

:2021-01-13 :300

All design engineers of motors and electronic products that need to use cooling fans to dissipate heat must determine the air volume required for a specific system to dissipate heat. The required air volume depends on understanding the power consumption of the system and whether it can take away enough heat to prevent The system overheats. Facts show that the service life of the system will be reduced due to the insufficiency of the cooling system, so the design engineer should also understand that the sales volume and price of the system may decrease because the service life of the system does not meet the expectations of users.

To select the correct ventilation components, the following goals must be considered:

Best air flow efficiency

Smallest suitable size

Minimal noise

Minimal power consumption

Maximum reliability and service life

Reasonable total cost

Choosing a cooling fan or a blower fan through the following steps can help you achieve the above goals.

The first is to know the total cooling demand. To understand the total cooling demand, there are the following three points

1. The heat that must be converted (ie temperature difference DT)

2. The wattage to offset the conversion heat (W)

3. Air volume required to remove heat (CFM)

The total cooling requirement is very important for the effective operation of the system. Efficient system operation must provide ideal operating conditions, so that all components in the system can perform the maximum function and the longest service life.

Secondly, through the understanding of the total cooling demand, the following method is used to obtain the air volume required by the equipment.

1. Calculate the heat generated inside the device.

2. Determine the allowable temperature rise range inside the equipment.

3. Calculate the required air volume from the equation.

If the internal heat dissipation of the system equipment and the allowable total temperature rise are known, the air volume required for cooling the equipment can be obtained.

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