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About the waterproof rating of the cooling fan IPX

:2021-01-13 :202

    Some products require the cooling fan to have a waterproof function. For example, the cooling fan is required to reach IP67. In fact, this is about two protection requirements. The first 6 refers to the dustproof level, and the latter 7 is the waterproof level. Therefore, if only heat dissipation is required The fan is waterproof, it should be called IPX7, and the waterproof level is divided into the following 1 to 8 levels

IPX-0 has no waterproof protection

Under normal operating conditions, the IPX-1 equipment can provide waterproof protection equivalent to 3-5 mm/min of rainfall for 10 minutes.

The IPX-2 level is basically the same as IPX-1, but it can pass the waterproof test of 15 degrees of warp in all directions.

The IPX-360 degree angle of splashing and waterproof protection provides waterproof protection with a flow rate of 10 liters/sec for 2-5 minutes and a pressure of 80-100n/m.

IPX-4 level is basically the same as IPX-3, but it can provide all-round and angular splash water protection.

IPX-5 all-round and angle waterproof protection, providing 12.5 liters/sec flow rate for 2-3 minutes and 30n/m pressure waterproof protection.

IPX-6 water-proof protection against large waves can resist a depth of 3 meters underwater for 2 to 3 minutes, a flow rate of 100 liters/minute, and a pressure of 100 n/m.

IPX-7 can be immersed for 30 minutes under 1 meter of water.

IPX-8 is completely waterproof and can be used continuously in water for a long time.

    Generally speaking, the cooling fan on outdoor equipment, we can reach the IPX-7 level is enough. Some products, such as gannet safety boxes, can reach the IPX-8 level. When buying equipment in the future, we can refer to the range of use that the product can withstand according to the IPX waterproof level list.

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