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Why are cooling fans popular in life

:2021-01-13 :251

Why is the cooling fan popular in life? The exhaust air pressure and noise of the cooling fan are the problems that users have discussed. If the exhaust air volume is higher, the noise will of course become louder, and with the changes of the four seasons, the temperature will not change. Too much the same, summer exhaust air volume is higher, winter exhaust air volume is lower, everything is normal, how do we measure this problem and solve it? Various high-power fan manufacturers have developed variable-speed cooling fans for this product. Variable-speed fans can adjust the speed ratio of the cooling fan according to specific regulations, which can greatly reduce the noise and power consumption of the cooling fan. Let’s take a look at the cooling fan. The frequency of use in life.

Cooling fans are now widely used, and all production equipment cannot do without the cooling function of the cooling fans. The following is a cooling fan manufacturer, which aims to explain some knowledge about the application of cooling fans in the field of medical equipment. 

Hot fan bearing vibration is a common defect during operation, which may cause damage to bearings and blades, loose bolts, damage to panels and ducts, and seriously endanger the safe operation of the fan. There are many reasons for the excessive vibration of the bearing of the cooling fan. If other phenomena can be analyzed and dealt with appropriately, it will often produce more effects with less effort.


The noise problem is often mentioned in the use of cooling fans. During use, if the cooling fan is too noisy, please check whether the bolts are loose. In addition, due to whether the impeller of the cooling fan is loose or not, in many cases the noise of the cooling fan is connected to the blade. Therefore, if the cooling fan makes noise, it is recommended to check the impeller part of the cooling fan first.


There are also problems such as the motor for the cooling fan does not rotate. When such a problem occurs in a medical centrifugal fan, the power supply must be cut off and checked. Charging inspection is likely to threaten the life safety of maintenance personnel. If the safety risk is great, and many defects of the cooling fan are related to the power supply, the power supply must be cut off to ensure safety.


Medical equipment includes cooling fans, high-frequency electric knives with cooling fans, biochemical instruments, immune instruments, blood coagulation, blood analysis instruments, etc.


The working principle of the cooling fan is realized by energy conversion, namely: electric energy → electromagnetic energy → mechanical energy → kinetic energy. The circuit principle is generally divided into various forms, and the performance of the fan will be different if the circuit used is different.

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