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Cooling fans increase efficiency and reduce costs are endless

:2021-01-13 :162

Think about it 10 years ago, the market price of any cooling fan was more than 50% higher than it is now. Some people might say that the cooling fan at that time may be more durable and cost-effective. As I have been in this industry for 15 years, The real phenomenon is that with the same specifications, the current cooling fan materials are of better quality and higher accuracy, but the price is much lower. In the future, I believe that the cost will still be lower and the quality will be better.

    In recent years, for some cooling fans that are used in large quantities, from materials to finished product assembly, relevant automation equipment is actively designed to reduce labor costs, equipment assembly, and more stable quality.

    The cooling fan factory is also developing towards standardization, that is, the fan specifications are unified. Now it is completely customized according to customer requirements. After standardization, the specifications are reduced, and the amount of single cooling fans increases. At the same time, it is also convenient for inventory at leisure, and the cost is also The corresponding will be reduced.

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